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Enable USA, LLC is a Veterinary research and nutritional company that focuses on compiling and conducting research in wildlife and livestock. Enable USA began as a biotechnological research laboratory in 2008. The company, founded by Dr. Joe Ables, has a special interest in animal research and medicine. Enable USA’s goal is to produce research data for animals,  enhance reproduction techniques, and support overall health. Enable USA LLC. is a small compilation of passionate animal enthusiasts that have taken our unique talents and have assembled them to provide unique products and services in the animal industry. Enable USA’s mission is to provide a system by which breeders can produce the healthiest animals enabling them to maximize the benefits of the genetic potential of their animals.

Enable USA has is composed of experts in various fields of study in efforts to become an elite White-tailed Deer Research Facility in Texas and around the World. We work diligently towards the advancement and betterment of wildlife and livestock. As part of our research, we will look at discovering new diseases, vaccinations, and testing antibiotics for the White-tailed deer population as well as other livestock. Although our research is currently focused on White-tailed deer, the research we have obtained can be applied  to other hoofstock species.

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