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Enable-Izer is a natural oral anti-oxidant supplement fed daily that supports a healthy immune system. Enable-Izer contains natural vitamins and minerals and key elements that are limiting factors to metabolism. For the cell to be 100% efficient, the mitochondria of the cell require unlimited fuel sources to prevent metabolism from stopping. Imagine a diesel engine running on a  continuous "fuel source" that allows the engine to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. By focusing on key limiting factors in metabolism, an animal’s metabolism will become 100% efficient.


A continuously running metabolic cycle allows the animal to perpetuate 100% production efficiency through the entire body of the animal, starting from the foundation of the animal, the cell. Once metabolism is running maximally, the animal can then concentrate on other physiological activities such as reproduction and tissue development. Thus, the body can concentrate on producing 100% of its genetic potential.  Natural supplements support and maintain healthy animals.  



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