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Enable Bounce Back paste is designed for Cervids of all ages with diarrhea.  Bounce Back comes in a 60cc syringe, which has 10 daily doses for adults with diarrhea (10cc per day orally) or 20 doses for fawns with diarrhea (5cc per day orally).  Bounce Back contains a natural earth clay that adsorbs bacterial endotoxins, protozoan, and other agents responsible for gastrointestinal (GI) insult.  Bounce back also contains pre and probiotics to help replace normal flora to the GI tract after antibiotic usage and and other disturbances.  Bounce Back paste is ideal for Cervids with diarrhea resulting from antibiotic usage and stress (Clostridium A). Remember, 75% of the immune system is derived from the GI tract.  A healthy gut is a healthy Deer !

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